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I get especially annoyed by those at APUG who swear that it is good to save money by using dish washing liquid instead of PhotoFlo and by using Borax instead of the chemicals supplied by photographic companies. Not only are they hurting the people that do not know better, but they are also reducing the market for companies like Kodak and Ilford.
hey steve

whenever someone states in a thread they use jet dry or dawn or fruit fresh or whatever they are using
instead of photo flow or vit c or ? pretty much every response tells them they are making a mistake
and to use the intended ingredient. im not sure how that could be skewed to be " sure do this, it works "

i do think there is a difference between skimping on a chemical ingredient
and using outdated film or a toy camera, a huge difference, but then again
i always hear people tell me that i am wasting my time and money not using
fresh film+paper and a "normal" chemicals or a camera that isnt' a POS