When you have lots of cameras, there's always a choice to be made. But an easy one for me, if I don't have a certain project in mind, and I'm just going out to poke around and take some pictures of what ever, I'll take my Canon EOS 1n with the ef 22-55mm zoom. Now I know a lot of folks like prime lenses, and I do too. I also tend to favor my Nikons more, but that little 22-55mm lens is really a nice zoom range to have. Quite wide to normal. Yeah, it's a inexpensive little thing, with a plastic lens mount, it's slow, and I believe it was made for the ill-fated APS camera, but it covers the 35mm frame fine. Surprisingly, I've gotten some really nice images with it. I am careful with it, and use the dedicated lens hood with it too, along with a yellow or red filter sometimes for dramatic skies with B&W film.
Any one else have any experiences with this lens?