Hi all,
I know this could be a very subjective question, but I thought this would be the place to jump on and ask anyway.

I'm in the position where I may find myself needing to thin my collection out a little in the coming months. It's sad, I know, but other life pressures are staring me down... AND I broke my coffee maker!!! I'm surprised I'm still alive actually :P Anyway, I'm considering selling my old Super 23, but have no idea what it's worth, I couldn't ind many on eBay to compare it with. It's in good 'used' condition, it was a working camera, so it's got bras sing all over (black model), which personally I have liked, it makes it an interesting show piece as well as a fun user. Bellows are good as new, 6x7 back is clean and light tight, 100mm 3.5 lens needs a good clean, but no fungus, shutter is spot on all round and aperture blades move smoothly...

I used to enjoy using it for portraits, even needing a clean the lens was always pretty good. It's sat on the shelf unused for nearly three years I reckon (since the house-move before my son was born). Any thoughts what I could hope to get for it? If the hassle and heartbreak of selling it is going to be greater than any financial gain, I think I'll just keep it on the shelf, or maybe even put it back into action again, when my son is old enough to sit still for a few seconds!