Well I've experimented with preflashing DPP. I printed old lantern slides on it last winter, and had done lots of testing to find a preflash that brought down the contrast just enough. My first test was grossly over-exposed, so more testing gave me an ISO of 12 to work with. Didn't get anything I was happy about. High contrast sunny scenes were still lacking detail in the high and low values, while scenes with lower contrast just turned out muddy. I like the idea of DPP, as life has been giving me only snippets of time for photography lately. Expose, run the paper quickly through developer, stop, fix, and wash - ta da! Finished print! Quick, but not so great if I can't get something I want to keep. I'm sure with more experimentation and lots more time, I could get there, but I'm too busy and impatient (and almost out of DPP). I shot a few negs and developed today. I've posted a flatbed scan of one in the gallery. There's more detail in the highlights than the scan will pick up, and I'm excited about printing it, when time allows.
I've got a few days off coming up, so I'll have a bit more time for photography play. I'll try to ignore the garden -it's been screaming for attention for weeks now.