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Like Agx had mentioned, Agfa would probably show no interest in how their slide film is working out.

I would say that Maco/Rollei are to blame for the Yellow slide film, Agfa usually sells "Master" rolls to outfits like Maco/Rollei for Maco/Rollei to cut down to user sizes like 35mm or 120, I am thinking somehow the film was mishandled, stored in hot humid conditions, because really old outdated Agfa slide film that was stored badly often renders yellow slides, who knows, perhaps Agfa knowingly sold a bad master roll to Maco/Rollei?

One thing is for certain, Agfa and Maco/Rollei know what has gone wrong and just won't comment, How does that grab ya?

It is great that Wittner-Cinetec has taken the time and effort to make darn sure the master rolls they purchased directly from Agfa Belgium are properly aged and in proper working order to produce color slide and movie film that people will be very happy with, I would bet they have experienced a sharp upturn in sales of 35mm slide film just because of the posts on this forum. Rollei/Maco perhaps now are experiencing a big slump in sales of their CR-200 slide film, who is going to buy it anymore? I guess it will still be good as a "Cross-Process film in C-41 chemistry.

The Lomography folks should be concerned as well because they get their Aviphot Chrome 200 slide film from Rollei/maco as well but only really market it as a Cross-Process film.

Perhaps Wittner-Cinetec might have purchased some second hand machinery to package 35mm film into normal cartridges? Lots of used genuine Agfa production equipment from Leverkusen was sold to Adox and others, Maco/Rollei most likely has some of Agfa's film cutting and packaging equipment.
I dont know if Agfa know or not, if they do know, they obviously not too concerned, since the Rollei product is a third party source, id say anyone using this film in a professional way are buying it directly from Agfa in belgium, it appears to be marketed for aerial photography, but Agfa only seem to be supplying master rolls of the stuff to third partys.
The odd thing is it still seems to be used extensively with aerial photography and one Aerial photographic website ive visited sells CR200 solely for this very purpose, you would think they would be the first to complain about any issues with this film, yet they seem to just put up with it perhaps?

I really would like to get to the bottom of this once and for all, as it would be very sad to see this emulsion fall off the scene if sales decline.
I just cant wait to shoot some! But no way in hell am i going to buy the Digibase CR200, i want to get it from Wittiner-Cinetec.