hi there

do you have a darkroom .. a room dedicated to doing photographic work?
i ask this because i am fortunate enough to have a room that is dark,
and i also do hand coated plates and paper, often ..
the plates i leave face up on the baseboards of my enlargers until they are dry .. and
cyanotype, or paper coated with silver gelatin emulsion, i hang by 1 corner ( or 2 ) and leave hanging until
they are dry ...
i dont' think i am much help for your situation, but i also have a plastic shelved cabinet / closet purchased from
lowes / home depot and it is pretty light tight ( well, sort of ) i took the shelves out of it and strung wire and use that for
drying film ... maybe with the shelves still installed, and some well placed black flocking cloth you can use that to dry your
paper and plates ?

good luck and have lots of fun !