i'm the proud new owner of a linhof master techinika camera and will at least initially be using the super rollex 56x72 roll film back until i feel up to speed with the camera before branching out into 4x5 film. i've never shot large format before.

my question relates to lens choice, though i'm not quite sure how ask it. am i correct in assuming that since i'll be shooting 6x7 images on roll film that that will influence what focal length i should choose? in other words, will a 110mm lens on a 4x5 camera with a 6x7 roll film back produce roughly the same focal length as if i were attaching that lens to my medium format camera? i know (think?!?) that if i were using 4x5 film, a 110mm lens would be equivalent to about a 55mm lens on my medium format camera.

thanks in advance!