I am a lab owner and have worked in very large labs my whole career.

I would say this is a very grey area. But in Canada we are not obligated by Law to report what comes through our lab.

Personally I have never came across the situation where I had to make this kind of decision, I have many clients who photograph their children and have never seen issue.
I have had photographers warn me of subject matter before I process and print. I am given the opportunity to decide. Also since I control my shop I can make sure who handles the work.

But in a very large lab, its another can of worms. You have no idea who is working the floor and one is opening themselves up for scrutiny or poor decision making. If a technician complains and refuses to work on the subject matter there is nothing the Lab Owner can do but comply.

At BGM Colour Labs in Toronto , I remember the RCMP bringing in days and days of processing of their investigations.
The whole processing area was secluded, the film processer operator was given the film , and the film was loaded onto the processor and an RCMP officer would stand at
the end of the Refrema processor and sleeve the film... Nobody from the lab, was allowed to see the film , even the film operator.

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Just to be fair to the photo lab, are lab required by law to report naked kid photos to authorities?