The unfortunate thing is... I doubt I will ever buy a new camera, so even if this feature finally gets the BIG "DOH!!!! WHY DIDN'T WE THINK OF THAT SOONER!!!!!!!" which it surely deserves... well, it will probably be stuck to a digital gizmo-matic something or other that I will not have any interest of using. Too bad, as I think camera ergonomics are....puzzling at best.
I know that Nikon put considerable engineering and time and effort into an ultra smooth film advance on the F3 for example... when really, who cares all that much as long as it works and is sturdy? At the same time, no one ever decided that the shutter release might do better somewhere else???
As an aside, I find the Canonet 19 with a bottom mounted film advace that you use with your left hand and a top mounter right handed shutter release to be a dream to use, witout ever having to move the camera from your face.

Incidentally - why are Nikons so backwards? I was using an FG and a Canon AE-1 side by side yesterday... and I was going nuts since the Nikon does EVERYTHING backwards!!! Even the lens is removed clock-wise... weird. And that little camerea has some mean mirror slap! Oh well, I like it in spite of all that.