Focal length is focal length is focal length. A 110 mm lens will see the same view on 6x7 regardless of the camera that holds it and the 6x7 roll holder. Y'r 6x7 camera has an integral roll holder, y'r Master Tecnika has a detachable one.

Equivalences? The 6x7 format's diagonal is ~ 90 mm. The 4x5 format's diagonal is ~ 150 mm. If you compare the diagonals (some prefer to use the formats' long edges, in which case 6x7 is ~ 70 mm across and 4x5 is ~ 120 mm across), you'll see that that 6x7 is .6 (or .58, the difference between .6 and .58 is gigantic) the size of 4x5. .6 * 110 = 67, not 55.