The 127/4.5 Tominon should just cover 4x5. The 105 won't cover 4x5.

If your Graphic Kowa lenses' elements are mounted in barrels with diaphragms you should be able to unscrew the cells from the barrel. The cells might (great stress, might) be direct fits in a shutter; if so, the most likely is Compur/Copal #0. See for dimensions.

If the lenses are in barrels with diaphragms and the cells won't fit a standard shutter, you may be able to mount a lens in barrel in front of a shutter. This will need one adapter, will cost less than having adapters made for the two cells.

If the lenses are mounted in straight tubes with no diaphragm, you'll have to try dismantling one to see whether the glasses are in cells. If so, fine, if not they're essentially useless.

Your best bet, either way, is to offer the lenses for sale on ebay. The lenses should be quite small, so international shipping won't be prohibitively expensive; the best place to offer them is probably