hi randy

the same lab that called the police on the people that i knew
was known to have processed and print some of the most graphic porn
as well (from what i understand from a friend who used to work there) ..
no one was ever arrested, no one was ever reported to the police &c BUT the difference is
the graphic porn was created by consenting adults, and had nothing to do with children.
labs and society in general have had eyes wide open ( thankfully ) when it comes to kids, kiddieporn
child abuse and labs are required to report whenever anything that involves nudity and children arrives
at their doorstep. sometimes they get it wrong, and it is a parent goofing around
photographing their version of "the coppertone advertisement" or something na´ve but sometimes they get it right
and nail a sick individual/s.
while i feel bad for the OP i am glad the lab owners were doing their job.