CR-200 is the product name given to the Agfa Aviphot Chrome 200 E-6 film sold by Maco/Rollei, I am thinking the aerial photography website is obtaining its Agfa Aviphot Chrome 200 directly from Agfa, Agfa does show this film available in aerial camera film sizes and other sizes.

If the aerial photography website had wound up with some "Yellow" film they would be contacting Agfa right away and would quarantine the offending batch number, these folks would not tolerate bad film for even a minute because of the high cost of a roll of 9 1/2" X 200 foot roll charateristic of high end aerial cameras, these rolls I am sure are well over $300 per roll?

I am thinking only the Aviphot Chrome 200 which was purchased in "Master" roll size by Maco/Rollei is afflicted with this "Yellow" problem.

I think there is an excellent chance this "Yellow" problem is only seen on the "CR- 200" sold by Maco/Rollei, I am not for certain about this and have asked around to aerial film supply houses about this "Yellow" problem and they kind of did not really answer..... They may have thought my inquiry was a bit absurd.

It is amazing though that this "Yellow" problem pops up on a lot of forums and the Problem seems to be limited to the CR-200 from Maco/Rollei.

Perhaps members interested in this forum thread should flood with inquiries about this film and see what happens?

It could get interesting real fast or..... they may be reluctant to respond.... One way to find out though!

Hopefully Maco/Rollei will round up all this "Yellow" film and take it out of circulation and obtain some new master rolls to cut down, package and sell, this forum thread has just got to be rather embarassing for them.