Good day Larry.
First, thank you for your feedback and impressions.
The over-all discussion may go far beyond the scope of this forum and I will follow-up with you via your email address.

Being registered before adding anything to the cart was a decision I took a long time ago. Having seen it before or not had no impact on choosing this strategy and it was a personal decision to implement it this way.
Few things have changed on this website since the last months and it was not on the agenda to change the registration process.
At present time, you are the only registered user with concern about this 'protocol'.

I confess one thing; there was a bug on the ORMD status in the availability grid, and this situation was removing the cart access to ORMD-classified products to customers in Canada. This is why you saw 14 bottles in an unreachable 'cloud'.
This bug was corrected at 16:05 this afternoon.

To all of you, constructive criticism is always welcomed and from your opinions and advices may come out a new idea.

Thanks and have a great day!