Today I got an Olympus 35 RC. I'd read the reviews ages ago, but wasn't really looking seriously despite most of them coming down on the side of 'legendary' for the lens and functions. But then today at a car boot sale I saw an horrible mouldy little pouch that I assumed would contain a plastic 35mm P&S, but inside was a very good 35 RC. No battery in it, but the manual speeds seemed OK, so I risked buying it. Getting it home I sprayed it with glass cleaner and rubbed with a cloth to tidy up the cosmetic's, replaced the light seals, and put in a new battery, and it works! The lens is immaculate, and I think the filter that was on it must have been on all its life because the ring had taken some hard knocks, but it did a good job of protecting the front element. What a cute little camera, for 1!