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I GUYS as anyone heard of a lab called club35 in london,the reason i ask is i sent my very first roll of film to them about two weeks ago and not recived them i phoned them and they said they where sent a week ago,so called royal mail,and they said they have not had any items from the company post code what do i do so disharted can any one recomend a good lab ino it mite not be the labs fault but just getting pushed from post to post.steve
I'd wait a bit longer and see if the pictures turn up before you get too disheartened....Royal Mail delivery speeds can be very erratic at times, and, unless it were tracked "signed for mail", I'd treat the remark that there were no items from the company's postcode will a little scepticism.

I use Peak Imaging for most E6 and Photo Express in Hull when I need next-day C41, some I process myself Used to use Transpacolor in Leicester for many years, but stopped a few months ago when I had two spoiled E6 films which showed all the symptoms of exhausted first developer (maybe lack of turnover volume?). Heard good reports of Metro too.