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Type 120 is a conversion more complicated than type 135, as well concerning machinery as well concerning raw-stocks.

And a master roll from Agfa is a huge amount of film...
Yes sorry, im really trying to refer to a bulk roll cut down from a master roll.
What width film would Wittner be obtaining i wonder?
They are obviously cutting down and perforating a much wider roll of film, they currently sell 35mm perforated and unperforated, along with 16mm and super8 formats.

If their rolls of film that they are cutting down are wider than 35mm, then chances are its possible to make 120 format.
This brings into question about how much film Rollei are buying, a master roll is a very large amount of film indeed, and if all the CR200 is from the same faulty master roll, then there is a huge amount of the stuff to get through!
Another thing i should mention is that CR200 is the same film used in the Rollei crossbird cameras, has anyone shot one of these cameras and processed in E6, and with what results?