Like ntenny says. Besides, an MF SLR is NOT a P&S, it's a machine designed to be used with anticipation and careful composition. It doesn't do snapshots.

Don't use it on a tripod for any speed slower than the inverse of the focal length, preferably 1/125 even for shorter lenses. Use mirror pre-fire (lockup) and a cable release on the tripod, no shortcuts.

If you're in dappled light, you will definitely get issues with spot metering and that's telling you that will probably have issues with fitting the dynamic range of the image into a print. You either need to (assuming negatives) meter for the shadows or do some averaging metering with compensation. It sounds like you need to think a lot more about metering rather than just following the reading from the camera. Note that the meter reading tells you how much light is returned from some part of the scene and it will generally NOT be the exposure that you want.

Yes, focusing an MF SLR is hard work and takes practise. It's far less forgiving than with a slow lens on 35mm. Don't even get the GS1 out until you have pre-visualised the photo that you want to make.