hi rudeofus

many thanks for setting me straight

i figured .. you know ...
just in case he didn't know about table salt
and just in case the stores wouldn't open for
a good 48 - 96 hour period and just in case
well, the OP decided not to use his dilute fix
( cause he was spooked by apug do-gooders !)
i figured i would give him a mcgyver
its probably easier to find a neighbor with
a can of salt, than a photo store open, if they
are closed for 4 days, for some random, unforeseen reason
oh, this is all contingent that the OP had 48-96 hours to wait
for his images to appear hopefully stable before
fushing to an open store to buy fresh fix and
wipe the sweat off his brow to re-fix+rewash his film

i appreciate the reference to haist !