Saw the article earlier this week. What a nice bit of the jokes on them. Wonderful. Don't we love the fellows who have to buy the new, endure the instant 50% loss of value and are happy for a few minutes. I just bought an new dot matrix printer.. was tired of $100 per set of ink cartridges on a printer that magically has an undocumented feature. It uses all colors to print in black and white. And if one cartridge is low it will not print at all. My wired phone works after severe storms when the cell towers are iced up and the power is out. And I pay no digital rights for my vinyl and tape music. I bought it and it is mine all the time. Old Obsolete.. makes the long lived cast offs plentiful and inexpensive. Saddens me that someone employes one so ill advised about life and happiness to offer opinions. (Opinion def. Less well held than full knowledge). Then again we knew that when we read it didn't we. I am not only obsolete but redundant as well.