All the M42 items would be nice but I don't know if I can justify the cost. I have just lost an hour a day in work and have to be even more careful with my money than I was.

The 28mm is a good lens. My widest lens is a 28mm Chinon and when I bought it it had a big scratch across the rear element. But I have still been using it:
But I have found there are situations when it isnt wide enough, inside of churches for instance. What I was thinking of doing was phoning around every camera shop I can find and trying to get hold of a 24mm instead or even posting here on apug seeing if there was a 24mm or wider M42 lens anyone has.

Also my main camera is an MTL5B and its frame counter broke two weeks ago. Even though I have another MTL5 I am scared that if anything happens to them (and my Zenits and Trip 35) then I may became cameraless so I have sort of made it a policy of mine to try and buy any M42 cameras I find.

I get paid on friday (sopposed to be) but I am not exactly sure how much I will get. We'll see then.