The way he photographed those views, they lose any reference to that place in location and time. you say the "landscape" views lacked any identifying geographic features and could have been any number of locations...
Worst quality and composition I have ever seen.
I have seen many excellent pinhole photographs but these are the worst I have ever seen.
Terrible. Total waste of film and my time to look at it.
I have to agree. The images are poor examples of what can be achieved with a camera...pinhole or not.
Possibly there is something to learn from these images, though...aside from his poor composition.

Longer exposure times maybe...on a brighter day? Was there camera-motion blur in those images?
The pinhole itself that he used may have issues. Pinhole too large? Pinhole not perfectly round?
The inner edge of the pinhole may have burrs, and/or the wafer used to make the pinhole was too thick?