So, I'm hunting through 6000 slides that my family took way back in my youth, specifically for shots of my mom this first round.

Problem is, that half of all the shots I've made it through are out of focus or suffer motion blur. Slow Kodachrome and poor use of manual focus. Most of my shots are sharp, but my granddad and dad seem to have struggled.

They look great as 35 mm slides, most even looked at least acceptable from across the room projected, but 1/2 the scans/prints I got back on the first batch sucked, so I threw the offenders in the enlarger, grain focused, and sure enough the shots suck for focus and the blur is real. These aren't art shots, this is my history, a little sharpness would be handy.

I could hardly believe it, seems that when projected my mind kinda corrected for or ignored many of the imperfections given the subject matter and I had not bothered with my loupe. For a print though they are just plain bad.

Anybody else find this issue where a slide show looks fine but the prints just suck?