It depends: do you want excellent scans for archival/backup purposes and in order to share with people online, or do you want to make prints? Obviously the former calls for a good scanner (Nikon 8000/9000), the latter calls for an enlarger. You do give up some control in the darkroom compared to photoshop, but other qualities are far better.

Seconding the people saying you can have a darkroom for well under $500. I think I spent about $350 all up on enlarger lenses and a DeVere 504 (4x5" colour) and I spent -$40 to get a new-in-box 6x7 enlarger (paid $60, came with 2 lenses, sold one for $100). The DeVere came with its own electronic timer but I recommend (see my signature) a proper f/stop timer and they can cost a fair bit unless you're handy with a soldering iron. Trays are practically free if you're creative with your shopping. Use red LEDs for safelights: $3 for a bike light or one of those cheap red-LED E27 bulbs you see online.

If you really want to spend the money you should be able to get a Jobo CPP2 with the remainder of your budget; that will let you process your own colour film and do colour prints easily. Or at least do 6 rolls of 120 at a time instead of one or two, it's a lifesaver when you come back from a month overseas with 100 rolls! The Jobo will pay for itself pretty rapidly compared to having someone else do your processing.

Book recommendation: Way Beyond Monochrome, second edition. Read a bunch of that before going any further or doing any shopping.