I wouldn't say that the shutter&lens combo offered by Chris nor the Kowa is poisoned. I can use both with some tinkering. Nobody can stop me from mounting a curtain shutter behind it, the barrel is quite compact so there wouldn't be much clipping of the image circle, besides it covers a lot. I don't even have to cannibalize a MF camera for it, any old thing with a working shutter works. But I'll tuck this one aside for the future, for some other crazy contraption. Doing this keeps me passionate about photography and also teach a lot about how stuff works, much needed for a young person like me, and keeps me away from the sometimes boring technical stuff like lpmm and reciprocity and so on. Build it, shoot with it, modify as necessary. And the scavenging around for parts is never dull! I feel like MacGuyver, fitting together things to an unholy mess that somehow works. Lens barrel made of drain pipe, anyone?