Selling back the 4x5 gear I bought here on this forum late last year. All in the same condition I bought it in. I only used it a few times (probably set it up about 8 times) as I realized I my other cameras suited my purposes better. So I'm selling this to put some more money in my 8x10 set up.

Wista Zone VI body
Caltar HR (Topcor) 210/5.6
Rodenstock Ysarex 135/4.5 (later multi-coated version, Tessar design.
I will include a few film holders (might have to ship them separately as they are not with me currently). All modern plastic units.
LowePro backpack in great condition. I think there is a yellow filter on one of the lenses as well as a some cable releases, dark cloth and changing bag that will also be included.

Camera body is in used but solid condition. No light leaks.
Both lenses have perfect glass and shutters fire well.
(The Rodenstock's shutter is slow on the slower speeds, but I never used them.)

Purchase price here was $1000. I'm asking $900 plus shipping & fees. I'm dropping the price since I'd like to hold on to a few film holders for my 4x5 pinhole and I did use the camera a few times.