After noticing that one of the components of my Tetenal Blix (the fixer part) went bad, I'm considering to prepare my own separated bleach and fixer baths, based on the formulas found here:


Do you think this would work combined with the fist and second baths of the Tetenal kit? If that's the case, I'll keep using it from now on, even if the tetenal kit is new...

This is the part I'm planning:

Potassium ferricyanide 80.0 g Potassium bromide 20.0 g Disodium phosphate, anhydrous 12.0 g Acetic acid, glacial 5.0 ml Water to 1.0 litre Fixer

Sodium thiosulphate, crystals 200.0 g (or anhydrous 125.0 g) Sodium sulphite, anhydrous 5.0 g Sodium metabisulphite 0.5 g Water to 1.0 litre

Bleach 5 min 33-39 Rinse 0.5 min 33-39 Fix 5 min 33-39