If you have a larger stock of this somehow aged film, and you do insist in using it, I would propose a homebrew of the chemicals. This will the only way to get it projected without major color mismatches.

The blue sensitive, yellow forming layers are on the top of the film, if you have a yellow tendency in the final slide the yellow densities are too low. So you have to restrain development of the upper layers during FD, in order to keep more silverbromide/iodide for the color developing step and the forming of dyes therein.

It will be quite a fiddeling, to get a result without disturbing the color balance too much, but try to use less sulphite in the FD, less KSCN, a pitch more Iodide and a maybe pitch more bromide. Do not overdevelop the film at all, a kind of slight pull process (-1/3 till -1/2 aperture) would be a benefit.
In the CD use less iodide, probably you will have to readjust the pH in the color developer a bit, use a bit less NaOH sol. than usual.

Do this only if you have enough time / chemicals / film and patience…
Regards, Stefan