It can work, but don`t have to...

It depends a bit on the Film emulsion you use and your processing routine. Prior a ferricyanide bleach you HAVE to use a stop-clearing bath (for 2min) and a good wash after (2 min), or you get a pinkish formation of oxidized developer residues. Some emulsions may bleach well in a ferrycyanide blech, some will become reddisch. In former times someone called this “tobacco effect”, you may have to decrease pH towards 5.2 / 5.4 to overwhelm this.

Wash better longer between bleach and fix, something about 2-3 min.
I would use a ammonium thiosulphate based fixer, it´s faster and cheap. Try a cheap c41 fixer, maybe 25% overconcentrated or with slightly prolonged times.

Regards Stefan