My dad died when I was five, and when he did, nearly everything of value he had was sold or "traded" to pay off debts. I have no idea how many of the debts were real, nor did my grieving mother, so it all went. Guns mostly. Photographic equipment too, including my dad's 35mm camera. I never saw it, knew of it, nor even what make / model it was. So here's my take - it was probably a zone-focused point and shoot of Asian origin. My dad was in the Navy in the 1950's and I have lots of slides and images from 1955-1967 when he died. They suffer from the same sort of fault; few are properly exposed and few are well focused. There's not much you can do except make a collage. That way, you have an 11x14 or whatever, showing your family history, and the sharpness won't matter much.

I look at the slides every once in a while. They're still nice enough. Memories are precious whether blurry or sharp.