Back when that RB67 cost an arm and a leg, if you were setting up a darkroom, the big ticket item would have been the enlarger. Enlargers are big and expensive to ship, so find one locally, and they are practically giving them away. Today, you will spend the bulk of your budget on all the rest of the darkroom stuff if you aren't careful - trays, safelight, lens, print washer, negative holders etc.

On Craigslist you will often find listings for entire darkrooms for pickup. You may need to drive a bit. I would look for a good quality enlarger and lens - Beseler 23 s are pretty solid and were very popular - Beseler 45 would also work.

When I got back into darkroom work, I bought such a setup - I paid $500 for an entire darkroom from a retired photojournalist, and it included everything that I needed. It barely fit in a minivan with the seats removed, I got several lenses, a Beseler 45MX, negative holders, trays for 8x10 up to 20x24, print washers, film tanks, timers, safelights etc..... It was a 2 hr drive away, but I still use much of that stuff now, 15 years later.

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A few months ago on a lark I bought a Mamiya RB67 setup. Back in the 80's, that was the camera I wanted but couldn't dream of affording. Now that they are practically giving them away, I had to have it. Having run about ten rolls through it, I am totally re-hooked on film. Its been a fantastic re-awakening into the world of deliberate, manual photography.