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The Text from the official Agfa Belgium Pdf for Agfa Aviphot Chrome 200, this is the film that is cut down and sold to Maco/Rollei, Lomography, and Wittner-Cinetec.

I did not include the charts from the Agfa Pdf.

Trade names used by third parties:

CR-200, Lomography X-Pro Slide, Wittner 200D movie film

Panchromatic colour reversal film
Aviphot Chrome 200 PE1 is a panchromatic colour reversal film for aerial photography from low to medium altitude (15,000 ft or approx. 5,000 m). The film has a clear, dimensionally stable polyester base.
Thickness of the base: 0.10 mm; total thickness: 0.126 mm.
Aviphot Chrome 200 PE1 is designed for making aerial photographs in different types of cameras. The film is used for the interpretation of aerial photographs, in photogrammetry, for reconnaissance and publicity.
Although this is a chrome diapositive, the film renders clear information in the shadows thanks to its excellent contrast properties.
This film is particularly suitable for mapping and oblique photography. Since the images can be used directly in plotting equipment, copying is superfluous.
Prints can be generated on Agfa’s Rapitone C1 & C2 colour paper using an internegative film.

• Sharp image, even in the smallest details.
• High colour saturation and colour purity.
• Exact grey balance.
• Good reciprocity characteristics.
• Good processing stability.
• Processing in ASP 44 or E6 chemistry.
• Good archival properties when correctly processed.
• Excellent dimensional stability

Photographic data
General sensitivity
ISO 200/24.
ASA 200.
DIN 24.

Colour rendering
A UV filter prevents colour shifts and unsharpness due to UV radiation. An interlayer prevents the diffusion of unwanted colour dyes form one sensitive layer into another. So, the colours are well separated and the colour saturation is very good. Aviphot Chrome 200 is suitable for a colour temperature of 5500K.
Fine grain
As some of the silver crystals have a flat structure, a lot of sensitisers can adhere to their large surface. As a consequence, the film combines high sensitivity with fine grain. The size of the crystals is as good as uniform. For greater improvement of the granularity each sensitive layer is composed of a fast and a slow layer.
RMS granularity
Diffuse RMS granularity (x1000) = 12.
Measured at diffuse density of 1.0 and with visual filter and a 48μm aperture.
TOC (Target Object Contrast)
Measured according to ANSI PH 22.23-1980.
TOC 1000:1 = 110 lp/mm or 220 dots/mm.
TOC 1.6:1 = 50 lp/mm or 100 dots/mm.

Darkroom lighting �� Production Guidelines
The film has to be handled in total darkness.
The sensitivity of the film is 200 ASA. It can be exposed in all classical cameras. Exposure depends on the light reflected by the earth, the altitude and flying speed of the aircraft and processing conditions (pushed or not).
Automatic processing in roller processors.
Aviphot Chrome 200 can be developed in Agfa ASP 44 Process or in compatible chemistry (E6). By increasing the developing time in the first developer by 3 minutes, the film speed can be doubled.
Pushed processing may reduce the maximum density and show a less pleasing image.
Unexposed Aviphot Chrome 200 films should be stored in their original packaging, in a cool (under +13 C) and dry place. When the films are kept in deep freeze (under –10 C) their photographic properties can be kept stable for a longer period of time. After they are taken out of the deep freeze the films have to be kept for about 12 hours in room temperature before opening the original packaging. Otherwise, the humidity from the air may condense on the films.
Once the original packaging has been removed, the films should not be exposed to high temperatures or high relative humidity for a long time and it should be protected from noxious fumes.
Exposed films have to be processed immediately. Particularly under the influence of unfavourable climatic conditions, such as high temperatures and high relative humidity, the latent image may change and so may the colour balance. Processed films have to be stored in a cool and dry room, protected from noxious fumes (e.g. formalin, turpentine and mercury vapours, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia) and from the direct influence of light.

Aviphot Chrome 200 PE1
Order code
24 cm x 76 m
9.7/16 in x 249 ft
AH897 – EI – NP
24 cm x 135 m
9.7/16 in x 443 ft
AM897 – EI – NP
* For all other sizes, please contact your local Agfa representative.
Sizes roll film: 16mm, 35mm, 70mm, 80mm, 126mm, 190mm, 240mm, 320mm.
Subject to changes without prior notice.
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January 2009