Hello All,

I have bought and sold a ton on here and at LFF.info. I'm going to be moving onto a sailboat in a couple of weeks and putting a lot of stuff into storage. I was shooting a lot with the Mamiya TLR system and I maintain that they are an amazing camera in many ways. The 80mm lens is competitive with any other MF lens in my opinion. For portraiture the TLR camera is a resounding winner, I don't think you can do better (think about it, with a hasselblad, the actual moment you click the shutter, you are blinded by the mirror. Did the subject blink? Who knows? With the TLR you can watch exactly what happens during the shutter click. It's a huge deal).

Anyway, I ended up with 4 of these cameras. 2 in my bag, 1 for Portra 1 for black and white. Another one with 3200 in it. And one to leave in the car. Then life got ahead of me and photography has fallen by the wayside a little bit. I have too many cameras, and I'm moving onto a boat.

Ok so, here's the cameras:
1) Mamiya C330 w/ Blue Dot/Black rimmed 80mm and working Porofinder. This camera is somewhere around KEH BGN. Has ugly cosmetics but it appears to be fully functional. I'm not sure that I have ever put film through it, but I just ran a test roll of backing paper. The first time through, it did skip one frame (winder kept winding past the frame and then stopped on the next frame). After that it stopped reliably on every frame after 5 trips of the test roll. My guess is that it just needs to be wound a few times. It has not been used much, if at all for a year or so. Lens has some dust and a couple of big pieces of dust but generally appears totally useable. Shutter sounds progressive and snappy. Porofinder appears to work, put a new battery in it. Looking outside my window today it puts ISO 400 at f16 1/250. These are not the most amazing light meters in the world. Porofinder could use a cleaning too. Flash setting is glued to X I believe.

In light of not having used this camera, I would say that it would make an excellent user. For the price, keep it in your trunk and you will never be sad.

$250+$20 S&H to continental US.

2) Mamiya C220 w/ Black 80mm and waist level finder: This is bargain KEH, with a few cosmetic flaws. Someone recovered this camera with some sort of leatherette stuff, it's pealing in spots. Obviously, that doesn't affect performance. The lens is nice, with a normal amount of dust in it, but totally useable in every way (this is actually the lens from my regular C330, I switched them out because the one on this camera was more recent - basically this has been my working lens for these cameras for several years and I loved it). I believe I had it CLA'd a while ago. A test roll through this camera appears to be indexing perfectly. This has a Mamiya lens hood. There's a screw missing from the parralax scale on the side. The flash switch is glued into the "x" position (as it should be!)

Another great portrait camera.
$280+$20 S&H

The fine print: I'll be leaving my house and living on a boat somewhere random after July 1. I'd like to get these out. I'm trying to describe them as best I can. They are as-is. Should arrive to you as described, packed well, but I will be unable to do much about anything after they get to you. I've never really had a problem selling online and try to describe things as accurately as possible. In truth I've used these cameras minimally if ever. I have little doubt that they would be great to work with but again AS-IS sale.