Thanks for the data dump. Regarding granularity...

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Diffuse RMS granularity (x1000) = 12.
...that's pretty high considering the speed, a bit grainier than Provia 400X. I'm not immediately conviced that the Rollei/Maco film is performing worse than spec in that regard; to me, what I've shot of it looks, well, a bit grainier than Provia 400X.

Which is why getting it in 120 would be nice; it seems like a perfectly good film when the color balance is behaving, but I've found it just a bit too grainy in 35mm, especially considering that I ended up shooting it at EI 160---for a speed gain of 2/3 stop over Provia 100F, that's just too much grain for my taste. YMMV and all that, of course.