Unfortunately my circumstances are dictating that I have to sell this camera.

This Kodak Master 8x10 came my way for a good price, but needing some TLC. It shoots OK without any discernible light leaks as-is, but the bellows have more patches than my roof and I thought a new set of bellows would not go astray. So I ordered a set from Rudy which came about a week ago. The camera also has a non-standard bolt on the right side (when standing behind the camera...can I just say "starboard" and hope you know what I mean?). It is the conspicuously silver-colored one shown in one of the close ups. On the port side you can see the brass-colored bolt with the slotted head, which is the correct fastener for that location. Richard Ritter can fix you up with the right one I'm sure. He collects odd-numbered bolts, which this camera is almost entirely held together with. He can cut a proper bolt to length as needed. That was my plan but I decided I needed to sell it without first getting the work done, rather than trying to recoup the cost of a CLA in the sale...especially since many of you are qualified to do the work yourselves and would probably rather do it to your own satisfaction.

The camera has a Deardorff ground glass that is in really great shape. It has the grid which is un-etched so that you can see bits of the aerial image between the larger sections of the grid. A really nice GG. The springs on the back are sound, and I have provided some close-ups of the light trap so you can see that the felt is in great condition. The swings and tilt all work as expected, including the fine adjustment of the front lens plate. The rotating back comes off and mounts easily in both orientations - the spring tabs that hold it on are healthy and hale.

Issues with the camera: the focus lock does not lock the focus. A quick look at the schematic for this camera (which I can send you in PDF if you want) indicates that there are likely just a few washers missing that would create the necessary friction for the focus brake. Also, the port-side rear swing cam does not lock the swing down. It is a fairly straightforward cam assembly and is probably a very fast fix for someone who knows how to work on large cameras. And one of the lens board slide lock shoulder screws has a washer missing. It still functions fine, but why not simply replace it? Looks like a #3 perhaps. Also the aforementioned new bellows need installing if you feel the old ones are shot. They may have some legs yet, or perhaps they should be replaced and retired to your project bench for some DIY camera-yet-to-be. In either case, the new bellows will be sent with the camera and can be installed at your convenience. Note that the bellows currently installed do not have the tabs that allow you to tension them to the front standard. They appear to have been lost to the annals of time, however their former locations are clearly visible so fitting a new set to the new bellows won't be difficult. And lastly the once-proud leather handle has been replaced with cloth tape. The metal core of the handle is sound and it is an easy upgrade to fashion any kind of fabric or leather handle to it. But what it has does the job...it is merely a cosmetic issue. And beyond that the camera could just use a general tightening of fasteners and lubrication where necessary. It is working as expected but looks like it missed its 150,000 mile oil change...about 50,000 miles ago!

Sale includes: Kodak Master folding 8x10 camera as described above; new bellows still in the packaging from Rudy in HK; new Canham plexi ground glass cover purchased by me last week; and a Sunwayfoto 100mm arca plate with W-I-D-E flange specifically for LF cameras, new in the package.

Asking price: $800 including shipping and paypal. If you are interested send me a PM with your paypal address and I can send you a request for payment.

Richard Ritter is currently making me a KMV to Arca adapter based on one of Michael Smith's excellent machined replacement boards. This is not yet finished but should be ready in the next week or so. The buyer of this camera will have right of first refusal on purchasing this adapter once it is ready, at a price to be determined by Richard's final bill to me for the work. These adapters are hard to come by and I wanted potential purchasers to know there is one in the pipe that they will have dibs on if they wish. Look for a posting on that sometime over the next few weeks. Thanks!