i have a mamiya 6 (not six) and i really love it but due to it focus minimum distance, i can't photograph micro..
this camera has 3 lenses and all of them has about the same minimum distance for focusing..
i know that there are enlarger rings but i don't want to use them because of the quality dissent.
the other two options i know of are extender rings and a different lens..
so, my questions: i don't mind buying a good micro lens but i really don't know if there is one that will work with my mamiya (it's 58 mm) as far as the compatibility, do you know a lens that might work? it should be a completely analog lens, in good and upper quality.
and i'm not sure, but my camera is a range finder.. if i use a lens that not within the standard lenses.. how will it affect my framing and focusing?
and- what do you think i general? do you have a better solution for my closer photography?

thank you so much!