You could send the Aviphot Chrome 200 to a lab and ask for a "Pull" of one stop or... do it with home E-6 and see what happens, be interesting to try, just about all E-6 chemistry kits have details about "Push" or "Pull" ASA modification.

I found a thread on APUG from 2009 discussing the CR-200, people seemed to like it, no reports of "Yellow" film were reported, This kind of supports my theory that a "Bad Batch" was released to the public.

The users of the Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 do not seem to be reporting any "yellow" film but then again it would seem that that film is more often than not cross processed in C-41.

Friends of mine have purchased Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 in the 120 size and say it looks fine, Does Lomography purchase Aviphot Chrome 200 direct from Agfa and cut it down or is Maco/Rollei doing the packaging for them?

The Lomography people are quite secretive sometimes about their films and often ignore questions about their film.