My son has his preschool graduation in a couple of days, and my wife suggested that I should spend the occasion annoying people by running around with a Speed Graphic. It's probably a good idea---certainly it's right in my areas of expertise.

Thing is, the only 4x5 film I have in hand is TXP, a film with which I'm not especially familiar. The room isn't especially bright; I'll drop by and meter tomorrow, but I'm guessing I might have to go to EI 1250 or so to be able to handhold. PC-TEA seems likely to be my best developing option (the MDC has an appropriate time for Xtol 1+2, which normally is interchangeable with PC-TEA). I have Diafine, but two baths in trays sounds like a pain. Or I could mix up a batch of Donald Qualls's "Super Soup" if I need a really extreme push; if I remember aright he got something like EI 5000 with TXP, but I don't know what the results looked like.

Well, this isn't a mission-critical event, just something I'm shooting for fun. (I'm old enough to be one of those "Who ever heard of a preschool graduation?" people.) So I don't mind doing some experimenting, but I'm curious if anyone has done this push or something similar with TXP before and can share any results or advice.