Some weeks ago I sold two of my five medium format cameras and bought the Fuji 45zi instead. I paid around 550€ for it, with a one year warranty.
Normally I use a Rolleiflex 3,5F, which needs a kind of calmness when taking photos. But if I travel around with my wife, this is not always the case. I bought the Fuiji to be a traveling camera.
What you get:
- Everything works automatically (if you want)
- autofocus is precise
- For 900 grams you have a medium format camera with a zoom lens. A SLR with say two lenses counts at least 2 kg
- The shutter does not induce vibration, so you dont' need a tripos in most cases
- It is IR capable
- The camera has even a flash which I don't use
- The lens is sharp! It give around 90 lp/mm in the center and 50 lp/mm in the corner at 55 mm. Zooming in edge sharpness remains the same, but center sharpness reduces slightly. Using 90 mm I wish having slightly more sharpness (around 45 lp/mm both in the center end the corners)
- The lens is sharp wide open. It is not necessary to stop down to get more sharpness.

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask.