I've had one for years. First be aware that there is no rangefinder. If you don't want to use the auto focus the option is setting a guess focus distance. I use mine mostly on a tripod for landscape things when I don't want to carry a heavier camera outfit or it's too crowded to use a slower operating camera. You quickly get used to having the zoom lens which makes it hard to go back to a folder/TLR option for lightweight MF. I've only gone as large as 11x14 but the lens is very sharp. Also very good at the close focus point of 1m. I use the built in meter with no problems except in very low light. There you may have to open up to get a reading, figure out the exposure at the fstop you want to shoot at and expose using the B setting. If setting up on a tripod using a cable release you can't use any focus/exposure lock so you will need to use manual focus/exposure if the camera is pointing to the wrong part of the picture when setup on the tripod.

I have the common display problems. A couple digits missing now and then. So far easy enough to ignore.

I'd say check Ebay and KEH for price. These are getting older so you may have to be careful. Check the shot counter for hard use. I don't know about serial numbers vs age. Maybe someone has that data. I highly recommend the camera.