From Koni-omega to Autocord. I am sure you will appreciate the lower weight.

I very much enjoy my Autocord. Got me a beater for parts and second really nice one for backup.

None of mine has a stiff lever. Of course if you have one that is 'stiff' you should get it CLA'ed. One topic few discuss is that when you load film the door swings and will hit the lever if it is not positioned at either extreme of its range.

But, you only asked about models. I choose the 1965 Citizen shutters. Some like older models with a tad more rounded aperture blades, but I have no experience on that. No one speaks highly of the light meter some models have.

Best, common advice for old cameras: Condition matters more than a specific model. Especially with the Autocord that the lens design has no modifications among the models.