Hi Jim,
That is what I expected, phonetics.
Now, for the benefit of all, another Michigan thing. Look at the palm of your right hand, touch the tip of your middle finger. That's the place we're talking about. Mackinac (MACK-in-aw), including Mackinac City, the Straits of Mackinac, Mackinac Island, the Mackinac Bridge (2nd longest suspension bridge in the world), Fort Michilimackinac, and one of the highest per-capita densities of fudge merchants I've ever seen. Also the demarcation line between the land of Uppers (Yoopers) in the U.P. or Upper Penisula and Trolls, who live "below the bridge" in the Lower Penisula.
I claim dual citizenship as I've lived in Holland all of my life, and own property on Drummond Island.