I own one and rather love it.

In many ways it is a sort of "snapshot" camera. I think it works best when you just let the camera do all the thinking for you. In many ways it reminds me of a 35mm point and shoot one used to buy at say a department store, only its bigger. There is some manual control, but the camera was really designed to be used on auto for the most part.

I use mine quite often as a street shooter. It's kind of goofy looking and people tend to not pay attention to you. The lens is razor sharp for a zoom and I for one really like the fact that the viewfinder is oriented in a portrait frame when you hold the camera like normal. My only wish is that the lens were a tad faster (f/3.5 would be fine with me) but thankfully I seem to be able to hand hold it down to 1/15th of a second without problems.