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Nice collection, fstop! So....I guess with (currently) 16 Nikons (12 of which are active) in my arsenal, I shouldn't feel guilty about the growing size of my family...
I only listed the Nikons hahahaha I didn't mention the Minoltas,Canons and Olympus' (or is that Olympi?)
My collection of parts cameras is not that large,maybe 4 or 5, I keep buying bodies for parts to fix other bodies and often find the parts camera that was described as not working, works perfectly after a little CLA.This is how I ended up with 5 FAs, only one is truly a parts body.Kept getting either a body that worked normally, the seller didn't understand the system operation or batteries in upside down, one had film in it that was wound to the end so it would not wind any further they thought it was jammed.I always open the back to examine the shutter and was surprised to see film in it.rewound it and voila it works!