Good morning, Hoffy;

From among the different models of the Minolta TLR Autocord, which one? Actually, just about any of them, although I prefer the simplicity of the first version where there is less to go awry. The later versions with the light meter and everything are fine, even if those things do not work. The basic operation of the camera and lens will continue to function and you can still take nice photographs. Yes, the admonitions about the focusing lever are valid. If it begins to get hard to move, or sticks and locks up, do not push harder and try to force it. Take it to a camera tech for a CLA. Otherwise, it will need a repair using parts that are now harder to find, in addition to that CLA.

Even the competing models in the Yashica 124 series will work fine. If the choice is made to go for the Franke und Heidecke Rolliecord (or perhaps the Rollieflex with the f:2.8 lens), you know that it will work very well, although even they will need a CLA at some point, as will all of our cameras that are over 40 years old now. While I know that they are out there, I have no experience with the LOMO Lubitel, but there are many who like them also and are very satisfied with the photographs they get from them. The 120 size negative is rather forgiving and woks well with just about any camera, including the Koni-Omega Rapid-M.

Yes, I have the K-O also, along with three lenses for them. A fast camera to use, and I still enjoy the sound they make when you advance the film with the pull-push plunger on the magazine back.