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Steve Mccurry went nearly 100% Digital before the End of Kodachrome the Kodachrome thing was just marketing nothing else. He is a good photographer no doubt but his choice of medium shouldn't concern me or other photographer it's his personal choice nothing else.
Exactly, like a lot of NG photogs, he went digital awhile ago, heck I was forced to back in 1994. Unfortunately what happened to quite a few of these seasoned chrome shooters is that they lost their style when they went digital and they only went because they felt forced to in some ways. But not all of them have completely abandon film as in David Alan Harvey's case in using medium format Tri-X for several ongoing projects.

I don't think it is really good for this site's cause to call sour grapes on people who switch methods of image gathering and for those who say silly things like "Who is Steve McCurry" you know as well as I do how dumb that sounds when you can simply google him and see. Why don't you say what you really mean and parrot out "I don't really care who no longer uses film, I do and will".

Next year will mark my 20th year in using digital for full time pro work. Personally, I am ready to be done with it, overdue in fact. But what I might be ready to be done with more is the internet due to topics like these that make people look like a bunch of whiners. There is one member here who will attest to my reaching the boiling point over the weekend in terms of the web as I totally unplugged from Facebook after too much BS about the industry as well as other factors.

It's just the same old stuff in this kind of thread, someone does not use film anymore, some people did not like Kodachrome, some people did not like Kodachrome 64, blah, blah, blah.....do you even shoot anymore or just talk about it?