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Why nobody's talking about Minox? May I not got the question right?
Hi. Marco, I have just read the question, and I would be very pleased to talk about Minox, I have used a Minox 35 GT for more than twenty years, and though it has no range finder, this is no problem,the lens is a 35mm f2.8 optic this means that you can set the focus at about 3meters, and point and shoot, it's aperture priority exposure system gives you control of the depth of field which not many compact cameras do.

The main reason I got it was I read the test report in one of the photographic magazines, who had to test the lense three times, because the results were so good they didn't believe them,if you could find a second hand one of these, they aren't made any more, for you're wife, and you could borrow it to make exhibition prints with it,if you could get her to part with it.