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It's just the same old stuff in this kind of thread, someone does not use film anymore, some people did not like Kodachrome, some people did not like Kodachrome 64, blah, blah, blah.....do you even shoot anymore or just talk about it?
Well, PKM-25, no one is forcing you to read the thread, much less comment on it or complain about its tone. I'm sure you've heard that before as well. It's really a bit arrogant to tell people to go take pictures rather than discuss things they're worried about. I feel sure most of us do this when shooting is not an option, ie. stolen moments at work, etc. Many of us also steal moments to do a little shooting, too, but sometimes we just worry out loud.

To the original post, I would say I only care about high-profile photographers like McCurry giving up film if it hurts the availability of film for me. Many of us are worried, not about some other photographer's choice, but about our own choices being curtailed or terminated because no one buys enough film. We're worried about the impoverishment of the art form due to the demise of the medium we love.

Whether another world-renowned photographer's giving up film has a cascading effect on others' purchase of film, and thus on my ability to get it, I don't know. But the concern about that effect is why I read these threads, myself. Whether these types of threads are helpful to the survival of film, I doubt. But give us all a break, sometimes people who love something and are worried about it just need to do some hand-wringing about it to release the tension!