Ok, the liquidation continues (bigger fish to fry at the moment).

First up is a Pentax ME Super with the 50mm 1.4 lens. The body is in pretty darn amazing shape considering it's age and believe it or not, there ain't a spec of dust in the viewfinder. Shutter works accordingly, meter is fine. Ran some film through it out 3 months ago, no issues. Now I know some claim the 1.7 is sharper, but I am personally not convinced. I love that 50mm 1.4 and with the large viewfinder, it's a dream to use. The only wear on the lens is there's a bit of paint scraped off from filters being threaded on and off. $80?

DSC_0339.JPG DSC_0341.jpgDSC_0342.JPG DSC_0343.JPG

Second is a Pentax ME (not super) that's a bit rough. The hot shoe was damaged and taped, and the body has some signs of wear. I replaced the light seals though, which it needed badly (thanks Jon Goodman!). The 50mm 1.7 is in fine shape, sharp as a tack. The ME Winder I works fine--although it never liked the Super for some reason). The viewfinder has a scratch towards the top of the frame and a bit of dust. It's a workhorse camera. Good for teaching. $50?

DSC_0344.jpg DSC_0345.jpg DSC_0346.jpg