Hmmm ... last night I thought, hey, I'll order a couple of rolls of new film and give my old Minox B a tryout. Bzz-z-z-zZZZT! Every site had a notice up about being temporarily out of stock, but with assurances Minox claims it will be coming back.

There's a wet blanket on that impulse -- but I guess after being idle for 30 years another month (or year) won't matter. I suppose I could go the full route with a homemade slitter and reload, but that is a bit more trouble than I intended to entangle myself with.

I also recall several years ago seeing a device go by on ePrey that fastened into a 39 mm enlarger lens mount and had a short focal length lens and Minox film carrier built in, just using the main enlarger as a light source. Now that would be cool!